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Plug-in News

64-bit QDrop 1.8 Final release

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[28 August 2019] QDrop 1.8 released.

QDrop 1.8 adds support for 4D v16-17, 32/64-bit architectures.


64-bit QGrid 1.8 Final release

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[28 August 2019] QGrid 1.8 released.

QGrid 1.8 adds support for 4D v16-17, 32/64-bit architectures and completely removes the last remaining memories of QuickTime.


Q2Pix 1.0b5 for 64-bit 4D v16-17 released

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[18 Apr 2019] Fifth and last public beta of Q2Pix, the modern successor to QPix.

This is the last beta of Q2Pix 1.0 before final release. The plug-in has been thoroughly tested and debugged, making the wait worthwhile. The package includes numerous fixes, enhancements in the plug-in and the accompanying components, a revised demo db and revised documentation. A new beta key is supplied for testers.

Also, the order form has been revised to accept orders for Q2Pix.

Again, lots of thanks to our dedicated beta testers and early adopters!