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Plug-in News

Q2Pix 1.0 Final Release

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[20 Sep 2019] The long-awaited final release of Q2Pix 1.0, the modern successor to QPix.

After the longest and thoroughest ever beta testing campaign for any Escape plug-in, Q2Pix 1.0 is here! More than just a 4D plug-in, Q2Pix is the first of a new generation of 4D add-ons that combine plug-ins with components, and take advantage of modern 4D features such as subforms, 4D objects and JSON. The plug-in API is kept as generic as possible, while most of what the developer will be dealing with is written in 4D, thus facilitating maintenance, evolution and cross-platform parity.

Many thanks to our dedicated partners for their precious assistance!


64-bit QDrop 1.8 Final release

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[28 August 2019] QDrop 1.8 released.

QDrop 1.8 adds support for 4D v16-17, 32/64-bit architectures.


64-bit QGrid 1.8 Final release

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[28 August 2019] QGrid 1.8 released.

QGrid 1.8 adds support for 4D v16-17, 32/64-bit architectures and completely removes the last remaining memories of QuickTime.