Upgrading to QGrid 1.7

Despite the inconspicuous numbering, QGrid 1.7 includes significant changes that bring it up to the standards of the latest OS and 4D versions.

Things to know

QGrid 1.7 does not require QuickTime.

QGrid 1.7 requires at least 4Dv14 on Mavericks or Windows 7. Read the page on Installation to learn about things to consider when installing it in your databases.

QGrid 1.7 works with new license keys that require online activation. Read about license keys in the page on adding & removing license keys.

Things to do

When moving an older database to 4Dv14/15 and QGrid 1.7, make sure to do whichever of the following apply in your case:


Enable Unicode mode in the compatibility panel of the database settings dialog.

Convert to text all string parameters passed to QDrop commands — string variables are already obsolete in 4Dv15 (_o_C_STRING): C_STRING(size;varName) → C_TEXT(varName)

Convert to text arrays all string array parameters passed to QDrop commands — string arrays are already obsolete in 4Dv15 (_o_ARRAY STRING): ARRAY STRING(size;arrName;arrSize) → ARRAY TEXT(arrName;arrSize)

New stuff

Drag and Drop: QGrid 1.7 introduces support of 4D's drag and drop mechanism. See the page on Drag and Drop for more.

Horizontal banding: new command QG_SetCellsPerRow allows for specifying a fixed number of cells per row (instead of exhausting the grid's width). Among the uses one could think of, this command lets have a single-row grid with horizontal scrollbar (strip), a feature that is central to some interface designs.

Appearance-related features: new commands for defining spacing among cells, rounded cell corners and vertical text alignment within the caption.

Obsolete stuff

Grid area style: The plug-in area's frame and focus are styled using the form editor. Therefore, commands QG_SetAreaStyle and QG_GetAreaStyle are now obsolete and will be removed in a future release.

Grid caption style: Three new commands have replaced QG_SetCaptionSyle that has become obsolete (QGObs_SetCaptionSyle): QG_SetCaptionFont, QG_SetCaptionColors and QG_SetCaptionAlignment.

QuickTime: QuickTime is no longer required. Therefore, command QG_GetQuickTimeVersion is now obsolete and will be removed in a future release.