Cell setup

Use the commands in this group to set up cell size and content. These commands let you add a picture and a caption object to the grid cell definition, as well as control the location and appearance of these objects.

QG_SetCellOptions Set the properties of the grid cells
QG_GetCellOptions Get the current grid cell properties
QG_SetCellPicture Set the picture object of area cells
QG_GetCellPicture Get the picture object properties
QG_SetCellCaption Set the caption object for area cells
QG_GetCellCaption Get the current caption object properties
QG_SetCaptionFont Set the caption font
QG_GetCaptionFont Get the caption font
QG_SetCaptionColors Set the caption colors
QG_GetCaptionColors Get the caption colors
QG_SetCaptionAlignment Set the caption text alignment
QG_GetCaptionAlignment Get the caption text alignment